A Must for Koi Pond & Pondless Waterfall Installations Waterfall foam helps you fully enjoy the visual and sound effects of splashing, flowing water! We all know that water rushes to the lowest place; waterfall foam prevents your waterfall and stream from 'disappearing' beneath the rocks and stones in your feature. It fills gaps and voids, forcing the water to flow over rocks and stones, giving you the full effect you're looking for! Contractor Grade for Professional Results Designed to provide deliver a professional, efficient and clean finish when dispensing waterfall foam. No more messy and wasted foams associated with using straw foam. Half-used containers can be stored and reused later. Foam Gun Cleaner Multipurpose cleaner is a spray solvent used to dissolve uncured waterfall foam on dispensing gun, tools and surfaces. Cleaner can be attached to the Foam Dispensing Gun, allowing the unit to be flushed and kept and in proper operating condition.
  • 6 (24oz)Cans: Seal gaps and fill voids between streambed & waterfall rocks and stones
  • Stabilizes rockwork in Koi ponds, water gardens and pondless waterfalls; Moving water travels over (not under!) rocks and stones for dramatic visual effect; Fish, aquatic plant and wildlife safe.
  • Rugged, durable construction; Adjustable bead control w/immediate shut off; Non-stick teflonized basket
  • Gun Cleaner: (2)12oz multi-use can Cleans foam applicator tools; Dissolves uncured foam & adhesive

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Patriot Steel Foam Gun & 12oz Foam - 6 can Combo Pack

  • Brand: Patriot
  • Product Code: SS6PK
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $175.00