The screened particle screen was designed to make the biotic screened filters a solution that does not compromise between effectiveness and ease of use. With screened technology, larger particles are trapped and removed from the water before they can clog the filter pad pores and reduce filtration efficiency. Flushing the screen requires only the twist of the flow Regulator. Biological filtration removes excess nitrogen compounds from the water to control algae growth. Filter pad cleaning is hassle-free. Compatibility with other Oases equipment ensures optimal performance. In addition, the biotic 18 and 36 have a second filter chamber (factory filled with Oases possess) which can be used with additional filtration media of choice.
  • Biotic screened filters
  • Aquarium filters
  • Easy to use

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Oase Gcp Filter Biotec Gravity 18000

  • $699.00

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