How do I set up the CO2 kit?
Start by labeling one bottle as "A" and other as "B". In Bottle A, add 200g citric acid (or 200ml of vinegar) to 600ml of water (1:3) and shake until well mixed. In Bottle B, add 200g baking soda to 800ml of water (1:4) and shake well. The reaction when these two liquids interact produces pure carbon dioxide.

Ensure that the needle valve is off before attaching the bottle caps. On Bottle A, screw on the cap attached to the pressure gauge via the decompression valve. On Bottle B, attach the cap that has a needle valve on the top and 3-way connector below. The needle valve connects to your aquarium CO2 diffuser using the included tubing. Next, open the needle valve and gently squeeze Bottle A to inject Bottle B with citric acid, thus generating carbon dioxide.

Close the needle valve to allow pressure to build up in the bottles. Shake Bottle B to activate the reaction. You will begin to see bubbles forming; if not, add more citric acid and shake again. When the barometer reaches 1 kgf/cm², the pressure is just right and you can open the needle valve to introduce CO2 into your tank.

Do I need to add CO2 to my aquarium water?
Different types of aquatic plants & pets require specific pH and CO2 levels to be at their healthiest and happiest. Varying amounts of CO2 in your aquarium water can cause swings in the pH level, especially during the night when plants do not photosynthesize. To properly monitor, maintain and adjust the CO2 level in your water, a complete CO2 system is recommended.

Are there any other benefits to a DIY CO2 kit?
Besides being beneficial to your aquatic plants and pets, the DIY CO2 generator kit has another added bonus: the ability to make your own homemade beverages. Replace the solution in Bottle A with grape juice, yeast and lemon juice for wine or use malted barley and yeast to produce beer. There is no byproduct waste and the process is much more interesting.
  • ✔ INCLUDES EQUIPMENT NEEDED TO DO IT YOURSELF --- In order to build an effective and efficient pressurized CO2 system, there are a few pieces of equipment that are absolutely necessary. The SunGrow DIY CO2 Generator Set includes two caps (that perfectly fit common PET plastic bottles), needle valve, check valve, a pressure gauge, a 3-way connector and 6 feet of 6mm tubing. You simply have to use 2 carbonated beverage bottles, a reaction material and connect it to a diffuser.
  • ✔ GENERATES ESSENTIAL CO2 FOR A HEALTHY HABITAT --- Fish and aquatic pets release cO2 when they take in the dissolved oxygen from the aquarium water and plants absorb that co2. Carbon dioxide is essential to the photosynthesis process and sometimes fish alone do not generate enough Co2. A pressurized DIY CO2 system adds the needed gas to your water.
  • ✔ COST-EFFECTIVE & SAFE TO USE --- Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive CO2 diffuser set-ups, save money by creating your own do-it-yourself CO2 generator. The basic principle behind the pressurized CO2 diffuser kit is to create a continuous supply of pure carbon dioxide by causing two different liquids to create with one another. The DIY solution is a cost-effective and satisfying way to add essential CO2 into your aquarium water.
  • ✔ EASY TO READ, SPECIALIZED PRESSURE GAUGE --- The SunGrow DIY CO2 Generator Set comes complete with a high-quality, specialized pressure gauge. The metal pressure gauge clearly shows the level of CO2 gas on a scale which indicates a safe area. An accurate CO2 reading gives you the chance to make adjustments or relieve pressure before there are any negative effects on your aquarium inhabitants.
  • ✔ CREATE HOMEMADE DRINKS AS AN ADDED BONUS --- Obviously the DIY Pressurized CO2 Kit is designed to add and control the amount of CO2 available to your fish and plants, but there is a bonus to creating your own CO2 generator. Instead of using baking soda or vinegar as your reaction material, use yeast and grape juice (or yeast and malted barley) to create homemade wine and beer.

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