ARC Reef Premium Live Rock requires little or no curing and are ready to be placed directly into your saltwater aquarium. Curing is suggested if your shipping location is over 3 days (see map) or if your tank has fish or coral in it. Please note that we only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid orders sitting over the weekend. If you order after Tuesday at noon, your order will ship out on Monday of the following week. ARC Reef Live Rocks contain a diverse ecosystem of life and are often the only manner in which to introduce such a vast array of species into a closed system such as an aquarium. They are never painted or dyed, their vibrant colors come from the many coralline algae strains living on the surface of the rocks. Our Premium version of Live Rock often contains corals, sponges, filter feeders and invertebrates such as starfish, christmas tree worms, and feather dusters. They have been growing life on them for multiple years. You will not be disappointed one bit, we fully guarantee it with our 30 day return policy and our unconditional lifetime exchange warranty. Our Live Rock is calcium carbonate based, which helps maintain proper pH and makes an excellent calcium and alkalinity buffer. ARC Reef Live Rocks are 100% Aquacultured and are a sustainable practice that's beneficial to our reef systems. For every pound ordered, ARC Reef plants 10 lbs. of new coral reef material offshore. Your order not only preserves our natural reefs, it also actively aids the building of new coral reefs right here in the US. Feel free to contact us to submit your custom shape/size requests. If you don't have a preference, your order will consist of approximately 7 medium sized rocks that are 6-7 pounds each. It is recommended to have 1.5 pounds of rock per gallon of your aquarium. Please note that sizes, shapes, and colors will vary. Shipping reduces coloring by 10-12% per day of transit. Coloring will fully return within several weeks.
  • 45 Pounds of Premium Live Rock Packed with Life and Years of Growth. Fully Encrusted with Coralline Algae
  • Requires No Curing. Ready to be Placed into Your Saltwater Fish Tank or Marine Aquarium *(see map)
  • ARC Reef Live Rocks are 100% Aquacultured and Grown on an Artificial Reef, Helping to Save our Natural Reefs
  • Highest Concentration of Beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria. Removes Harmful Waste and Aids in Cycling New Tanks
  • Extremely Porous and Chock Full of Holes and Crevices. Great for Coral Frag Placement and Stacks Easily

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ARC Reef Premium Live Rock For Saltwater Aquariums, 45 lbs.

  • Brand: ARC Reef
  • Product Code: B01HYKTEMS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $299.99

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