Included in this package:

1 Anubias (Anubias lanceolata), mature plant 10-12 inches - one of the easiest and hardiest plants available. Requires very low light!

1 Anubias (Anubias barteri), 6-7 inches - another great and very popular Anubias. Very low light plant!

1 RED Amazon Sword (Echinodorus "Red Rubin Narrow") , 5-7 in. Produces striking RED leaves. Perfect for creating a focal point!

2 LARGE Amazon Swords (Echinodorus argentinensis) , mature plants 10-12 in. More great and easy to grow Amazon Swords, perfect for creating a focal point in your aquarium

3 Crypts - Cryptocoryne petchii, , 4-5 inches - great foreground plant! Low light! Can grow well under taller plants

1 Java Fern (Microsorium pteropus plants 8-10 in - extremely hardy aquarium plant - requires very low light!

3 stems of Hygrophila salicifolia 6-7 in - great Hygrophila. Fast growing with beautiful narrow leaves!

10 stems of Bacopa monnierii 7-8 in - easy aquarium plant to generate bright green background in your tank

3 stems of Egeria (Anacharis) densa 7-8 in - produces bright green leaves - great supplier of oxygen!

5 floating plants Amazon rogbit

5 stems of Ludwigia repens 6-7 in - great RED plant for creating a contrast with green plants. Fast growing!

15 floating plants - Water spangles (Salvinia minima) - beautifies your water surface!

  • Unique plant combo by AQUATIC DISCOUNTS!
  • Please see PRODUCT DESCRIPTION for DETAILS (Quantities, Size etc.).
  • Live aquarium plants will create MORE NATURAL LOOK in your fish tank, simultaneously providing MORE OXYGEN, BIOLOGICAL FILTRATION, ALGAE CONTROL and more!
  • Just like in nature, where many different species are coexisting, the most beautiful and natural looking freshwater tanks are those with different plant kinds.
  • Make you new or established tank BEAUTIFUL RIGHT AWAY! Great plant sampler for 40-50 gallon tanks!

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50 Live Aquarium Plants / 12 Different Kinds - 4 Amazon Swords (3 kinds, 1-RED), Java Fern, Ludwigia, Cabomba and much more! Great plant sampler fo...

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